Best Investment Cars and Grand Theft Auto V...

Best Investment Cars: Grand Theft Auto V Stock Market Guide | How Stocks Work | Best Investments | Easy Fast Money | GTA 5. Guide showing you how the “Stock Market” works in Grand Theft Auto V. This video guide details all of the information I know about the stock market so far in…

18 Responses to “ Best Investment Cars and Grand Theft Auto V”

  1. Niels Skov Pedersen says:

    dude, should i buy stocks with + 27? or is that stupid? :)

  2. Mindy Sanluis says:

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  3. Ollie Bonugli says:

    Dodgy keyboard. the game** since then** BAWSAQ has**

  4. Ollie Bonugli says:

    The game**

  5. Ollie Bonugli says:

    Finished he game (all story missions and 18/20 strangers and freaks) on 22nd September and ever since them BAWSAQ as said ‘The market is down for maintenance. Please try again later’. Any help? LCN is fine though.

  6. Ayden LProductions says:

    You’re fucking stupid before you kill the owner you buy the stock and then the stock will go down and then launch up after you buy it

  7. 6zomGmoz9 says:

    Anyone know which station gives the stock markets tips or are they on any station for the commercials?

  8. jothi mani says:

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  9. M Nite says:

    LOL! Ice Cube got his ass whooped 5:36

  10. Paul Cook says:

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  11. kwaku owusu says:

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  12. connor degreat says:

    No I don’t sorry buddy

  13. ELEMENTELITEYe says:

    LOL AT 5:37 amazing epic beat up best part!!! XD

  14. matt6923 says:

    Which radio stations give stock market tips?

  15. haloreachfanz says:

    Best guide I’ve seen so far, keep up the good work.

  16. Oristiumpier says:

    What’s the best guide then? Most guides I’ve seen keep mentioning the assassination missions as if that’s the only time to invest. If you know where there is a guide that mentions each stock and how gameplay affects each individually (something Brady Games should have done in the strategy guide instead of leaking the map prior to release), then I’m sure the GTA community would greatly appreciate it.

  17. Oristiumpier says:

    It’s most likely because you’re either not registered with Rockstar Social Club or you’re not logged into either PSN or XBox live. The BAWSAQ requires the internet.

  18. Thomas Moyer says:

    100 million wait till after the union depository heist to do assassination missions